deimos zip harness



Zip Standard

zip standard

Improved Safety:

The most dangerous error made is to forget to connect your leg straps - no longer an issue with our Zip Standard harness: there are no leg strap buckles! Simply step into the leg straps and pull up the harness over your shoulders, snap in the waist buckle and chest buckles, and you're done. For acrobatic passengers, the Zip vest allows passengers to flip up-side-down with no chance of falling out of the harness.

King Swing Option now available!

XS (40-80 lbs)
S (80 - 170 lbs)
L (160 - 210 lbs)
XL (200 to 250 lbs)

EN Certifed 1651
(Load - 3968 lbs for 5 seconds)

Carabiner Certificate