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deimos zip harness




Woody XS

Woody XS-S
(Ages 2 to 11)

Woody S-L

Woody S-L
(Ages 8 and up)


Designed for Maximum Comfort :

This harness was designed for maximum comfort and ease of use- designed for zipline courses with lots of traffic. For this Zipline harness, allow 20 seconds to put on and 10 to take off.

Available with single or dual lanyards option.

Weight (including padded wooden seat) around 4.7 lbs.

Has quick release shoulder buckle.

Woody XS -S shoulders adjust down to support even two year old kids!

Steel Carabiner with securing pin (extra)
See WallTee harness for same harness but with Amp'd carabiner on Shoulder lanyard.
Made in Canada!





Available in three sizes:

(XS-M) Rider's age 2-11
(S-L) Rider's age 8 and Up

Strength 17500 N (~4000 lbs)