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Mach 3 Trolley

Mach 3

Designed for Speed:

The Mach III is designed for speed with an incredible feeling of flying like a bird. This is due to the polyurethane wheels that eliminates vibrations, noise and also wear on the cable.

It can be equipped with a magnetic brake to slower the ride on steep slopes or be push to the limit without the brake.




The integrated magnetic brake is designed to even out the speed of all riders on slope up to 20%. For a trolley capable of tackling impossible slopes, refer to the HS Magnetic Trolley


Custom built for 3/8" (9mm) to 3/4" (19mm) cables

8" H x 17.5" L x 2-3/4" W


Polyurethane wheels reduce dramatically cable wear

Double sealed ball bearings for stability

Durable design for high impact brakes

Back and front anchor point for horizontal flights

Center anchor point for sport harness

Stainless Steel reinforcements on critical points